Year of Sharing 2022


Sharing always costs us something. 

This isn’t just measured in $ or £, but to share, is to give something away for others to gain. Many around the world in this season are sharing gifts and time with family and loved ones, as we remind ourselves that the precious currency of sharing is our time, love and care. 

STOP THE TRAFFIK is built on the fundamental belief that we will only succeed in our vision to disrupt trafficking across the world when we share what we know. In 2021, despite all the challenges of the pandemic, STOP THE TRAFFIK and Traffik Analysis Hub have seen unprecedented growth and expansion of our work. 

We have shared our ‘way of working’ with many partners, organisations and networks. We have shared with our commercial partners, whose partnerships we value, as together we work to stop trafficker’s ability to infiltrate legitimate business at every level. 

We have shared our way of working through our intelligence-led prevention campaigns such as working upstream with carers across the UK to prevent child trafficking or with those seeking jobs through online recruitment across the Philippines. 

We have now reached over 11 million people since 2017 with our dynamic prevention campaigns bringing safety, hope and choice. We have set ourselves a target to scale impact and reach another 10 million people vulnerable to exploitation during this coming year alone. 

We have shared our data and intelligence expertise and infrastructure, building pioneering projects where others are using our technology and data services through actions such as co-branding our STOP APP or utilising our data services.  

Traffik Analysis Hub is changing the environment in which traffickers are operating by shining a light to make what is hidden transparent. Traffik Analysis Hub already holds the world’s richest picture of how trafficking operates with significant engagement across commercial, public and civil society actors. At its heart is the elevation of stories of those with lived experience, painting the primary colours across this data picture to lead the way.  

In return, STOP THE TRAFFIK has had so much shared back to us through generous funding and financial support, pro-bono support, volunteering, active engagement and powerful partners with those who are committed to journeying with us.  

By convening around Traffik Analysis Hub and sharing what we know, 2022 is the year to accelerate our power to disrupt: increasing the risk to those who exploit and reducing the profit on which the trafficker’s business model relies.   

Now is the time to share what we know.  

We all have access to this capability and many are already leading the way.  

Let’s use our voices to raise the call to share and be part of 2022: THE YEAR OF SHARING.  

I am thankful for everyone who is a part of the STOP THE TRAFFIK team: staff, trustees, volunteers, every partner, funder and friend who has shared and supported us all around the world. 

Our call is to lead by example and continue to share what we know, whatever it costs, believing we can all work for a world where we can STOP THE TRAFFIK. 


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